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What Is Elite LASIK Marketing?


And by “results”, we mean new patients, because that’s what grows your practice — not “likes”, “visits” or “leads”. Each one of our contracts comes with a concrete performance-based guarantee.


To be in a position to guarantee you results, we base all of our marketing decisions on concrete numbers — not vague feelings or “hunches”. Our campaigns are tried and tested — we know they work. No guesswork involved.


Radio Ads, SEO, Google Ads… that’s what everyone is doing. By doing the same as everyone else, you can expect to get the same results. But if you want to surpass your competition, and become (or stay) the market leader, you need to be different, you need to be better. To achieve this, we deploy outside-the-box campaigns that blow traditional advertising out of the water.

Elite LASIK Marketing Is BESPOKE

Unlike most “advertising agencies” that present you with different “packages”, we first dive deep into your current situation and see where you’re wanting to go in the future. Based on your unique circumstances, we then come up with a bespoke marketing plan to get you to your destination.

What Is Elite LASIK Marketing NOT?


If your LASIK center is struggling, hiring us will not magically turn things around. Although great marketing is one piece of the puzzle, you may have systemic issues that need to be ironed out first. Staffing issues, lack of internal processes and a subpar in-person experience can derail even the most effective marketing campaign.

Elite LASIK Marketing Is NOT CHEAP

We are not a charity and we’re no discount business either. We charge premium fees for premium results. Keep in mind that over the long-term “cheap” marketing services will cost you dearly in form of lack of results, while our services will pay for themselves in spades. If you go to a tailor to get a bespoke suit and are quoted $500, be wary — the same goes for marketing.



Just like a personal chef is not for everyone, neither is Elite LASIK Marketing… and that’s OK. We aren’t trying to work with everyone, quite the opposite: We only want to work with the best and help them get even better. It’s just more rewarding for everyone involved.

If you’re on this page, you may be wondering who is behind Elite LASIK Marketing…

Well, my name is Nick Sudhaus and I’m the best LASIK marketer you’ve never heard of.

For the past two years, I’ve been working behind the scenes of some of the most successful, innovative and profitable LASIK centers in the United States (and even Europe!).

Together, we’ve devised, executed and refined dozens of never-before-seen strategies and campaigns that have been responsible for adding millions of dollars to my clients’ bottom lines.

Before I tell you how this came about, let me take a step back and tell you a little bit about my background...

Before specializing in LASIK Marketing, I cut my teeth on marketing, working for the German marketing division of Hewlett Packard — after which I struck out on my own as an independent strategic marketing adviser.

During this period, I helped literally hundreds of different businesses in over 23 separate industries (Cosmetic Surgery, E-Commerce, Fashion/Apparel, Solar, Gyms, Steam Cleaning, Roofing, Education, Mobile Apps, Garage Doors, Landscaping, Painting, Real Estate, Restaurant, Finance, Manufacturing, Supplements, Pool Building, Software, Jewelry, Construction, Private Detective Services).

Not only did this give me the marketing/sales education of a lifetime but, more importantly, working in these 23+ wildly different industries, has given me a unique vantage point with which I approach LASIK marketing — what is common practice in one industry can be ground-breaking in another one.

I call this unique perspective my “superpower”

It allows me to uncover hidden opportunities and come up with disruptive, out-of-the box campaigns which put traditional (mostly ineffective) advertising to shame.

Equipped with this “superpower” and the experience from the past 2 years in the LASIK industry, I’ve gathered a group of world-class specialists in their respective fields to support me in executing campaigns and strategies to take elite LASIK centers to the next level.

If you’d like to experience my “superpower” and get my unique perspective on your LASIK marketing…  

About Elite LASIK Marketing 

(& Who's Behind It)

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Working with Nick has been great and has been the most productive lead generation strategy compared to any of our marketing venues. He was able to generate 178 leads and 16 consultations within the first two weeks alone. I highly recommend him."

-Dr. Mutyala (Pannu Laser Center)

"By utilizing your services, we have officially launched a marketing platform that is not only educational and interactive, but convenient and informative for our patients as well. This amazing opportunity has allowed us to double our reach on an educational basis (as we present on four vision correction procedure options for patients who want to get rid of glasses and contacts). We have also seen a higher rate of patients who view our webinar and come in for a one on one consult with our surgeon; thus resulting in a higher surgery volume. Throughout this trial period we have had nothing but positive feedback and success; it is my true pleasure to say I would most definitely recommend your company, and have already done so. I see this relationship continuing to flourish well into the future, and look forward to seeing more of our success together!"

-Ashley Smith (Marketing Director at Graystone Eye)

“In less than 4 months, your strategy has resulted in 697 new leads, 78 pre-ops and just over $130K in revenue. The ROI on this has been fantastic. If you are a LASIK practice looking for a home run addition to your marketing suite, this is it!”

-Michael King (Marketing at King LASIK)

-Dr. Joel Hunter (Hunter Vision)

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